Välkommen till Skärgården

Utö Tourist Office

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Want to know more about Utö? Contact Us. We are providing tips and advice so your stay on Utö is for the best. Uto.se is Utö Tourist Office official website. You can find pretty much you can do on Utö. Some of the activities and stay alternatives you can book directly through us at our booking page:


Utö Tourist Office is also postal and pharmacy representative.

The business is a privately owned company which is run in collaboration with the Municipality of Haninge, Stockholm Archipelago Foundation and entrepreneurs on Utö. To take advantage of Utö interests, we are also a member of Visita, a professional organization for Swedish tourism industry. Membership in the Visita means that you book through us are subject to a travel guarantee.

Warm welcome to drop in when you come to Utö. We are at Gruvbryggan, where the Waxholm boat docking.

High season 10-18 hours daily

Contact – Utö Tourist Gruvbryggan 130 56 Utö

08-501574 10