Välkommen till Skärgården


About Utö

Utö is situated farthest out in the southern part of the Stockholm archipelago and is renowned for its many hours of sunshine. The island offers a lot of diverse activities. You can, for example, rent a bike, paddle a canoe, play tennis, minigolf, beachvolley or boule. Pack a picnic basket an discover on your own the cliffs, beaches and beautiful nature of Utö or join a guided tour. Also discover the unique geology of the island. From the windmill, built in 1791, you’ll have the best view of Utö.


Discover Utö

Imagine being way out in the Stockholm Archipelago and be able to order a delicious dinner, replenish the pantry with supplies, buy ice cream, read the tabloids at the same time that you can find your very own cliffs or a sandy beach in the available nature and ”just be”. On Utö unite cultural features and […]

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