Välkommen till Skärgården

Travel to Utö

Via Årsta brygga

With public transport:

Take the train from Stockholm C to Nynäshamn. Get off at Väster Haninge station. Continue by bus 846 (departing from the bus terminal near the commuter rail station). Take the bus to Årsta brygga and take the regular ferry boat to Utö.

With motor vehicles:

Via Stockholm (from E20 both north and south) take route 73 towards Nynäshamn. Take exit Årsta Havsbad. Pass the area with summer cottages and Årsta Havsbad.  Shortly after passing Årsta Havsbad, turn right at the sign Årsta brygga to get to the parking area close to the regular ferry boat.


Via Nynashamn and Alo:

With public transport:

Take the train from Stockholm C to Nynäshamn. Get off at the terminal located at the harbor. Regular boat to Alå goes from the harbor, Fiskebryggan, which is right next to the commuter rail station.

With motor vehicles:

Travelling from north and via Stockholm, take road 73 to Nynäshamn. If you drive E4 and E20 from the south take road 225 from Södertälje to Nynashamn.  In Nynäshamn follow signs to the harbor. Regular boat to Alo depart from the harbor – Fiskebryggan.


By boat from central Stockholm

During the summer months you can travel to Utö from Strömkajen by the Grand Hotel in central Stockholm. The trip takes approximately 2,5 hours and is a nice tour with several stops on the way through the southern archipelago to Utö.


Regular ferry boat time tables


Charter, water taxi & freight

If the ferry boat schedule are inconvenient or if you for other reasons rather book your own transport, there are several suppliers of water taxi, freight and transport.

Sjötaxi Utö Varv 08-501 577 15 Taxi boat up to 12 persons
Utö Värdshus 08-504 20 305 Taxi boat up to 12 persons
Utö Livs 08-501 570 05 Taxi boat
Pumbas 070-880 18 00 Taxi boat up to 12 persons
Utö Sjötransporter 070-395 20 52 Ferry Renskär (freight and pre-booked cars)
Utö Rederi 08501 570 25 Ferry boat charter



Welcome to Årsta Brygga (Årsta Bridge) and the gateway to Utö. There are a total of 245 parking spaces, of which one place is intended for bus and two  intended for disabled peoples cars. www.utoparkering.se Upon failure of the ticket machine please call Utö Parkerings AB 070-755 81 23   Ändra

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