Välkommen till Skärgården

Hiking on Utö/Ålö

On Utö there have been trails since discovering iron ore in the 1100s. Perhaps earlier than that. In the autumn of 2017 and winter 2018 we have cleared 35 km of the old reclaimed paths. Along with the trails already available, Utö and Ålö now have world class trails. Hike or run along the sea on the west and east coast. Go through woods and open fields and meadows. Stand on a duck-board and look down in the water for a while and on other places enjoy the amazing sea view.

Some parties on the trails are a bit tough but take care, you can handle it.

On this page we will continuously present different routes, and here we start with the route proposal ”The Utö Circle”. About 15 km showing Utö’s many shifts and nice places. If you think it’s too far to go all the BLUE-YELLOW-marked trail there are several connecting trails that take you back to the village ”Gruvbyn”.

During the summer we will place a map at the Outdoor Fitness Center in the harbor. Here you can plan your day trips.

Route suggestions 

The Utö Circle

6 km north Utö