Välkommen till Skärgården

Utö Marina

Utö Marina, located by Gruvbyn on the northern part Utö, harbor about 250 boats. This is also one of the piers on Utö where the ferry boats arrive and depart.

If you arrive with private boat, you enter either in the northern or southern harbor and well ashore you can start enjoying Utö. In the marina area there is a reception, a kiosk, cafe and ice cream parlor. Here you can also rent a bike to explore the island.

Utö marina can accommodate about 250 boats with power outlet (220V EU) in all berths and anchor mooring apply to all boats. In addition to the ordinary berths are about 10 places for longitudinal mooring. Those are reserved and moored in agreement with the Marina Reception.

Maximum depth is about 3.5 meters. Boats with a draft greater than 2.2 meters is recommended to contact the Marina Reception to reserve space.

The marina has a reception, showers, sauna, laundry and toilets. Waste collection and recycling center is within walking distance of the marina and you can refill smaller quantities of fresh water. Refill of the whole boat’s fresh water is available at the nearby marina gas station.


The marina has two parts, one in the north and one in the south.

In the northern marina you will find the reception, the gas station and also the pier where the regular ferries arrive and depart. The southern part, with the inlet south of Persholmen, is often a bit more tranquil and during peak season it is easier to find a space there.


In the marina area you will find:

Marina reception

Bicycle Rental


Café and ice cream parlor

Waiting lounge for the ferry boats

Marina guest toilets & showers

Marina guest laundry


Harbour fee day (15:00 to 13:00 incl. Shower and sauna) 250 SEK

Harbour fee longitudinal mooring 600 SEK / day

Harbour fee day (9:00 to 18:00 not shower or sauna) 100 SEK

Electrical connection 90 SEK kr

Loyalty Cards! If you plan to visit us more than five days during the season, ask for the loyalty card to get the sixth day fee free.

Open hours 2017

Monday – Sunday 8 am – 9 pm

Harbour office: +468501 57 450

Hamnkapten: +4670572 58 00 (8 am – 8 pm)

Email: bryggan@utogasthamn.se

Open hours – Bicycle rental

Same as above.

Utö Marina – Reception, kiosk, cafe and ice cream parlor

A day in the archipelago will be even more enjoyable with good accessories and the area around Utö Marina offers choices for all tastes.

Café, ice cream parlor and juice bar

Pause with a latte or espresso from our Nespresso machine and enjoy some ice cream scoops from our wide range of flavors. Or drink a fresh and healthy meal or snack from the juice bar.

Kiosk, newspapers and sweets

In the marina reception is also a well-stocked kiosk selection of newspapers, chips, candy and a good book to take to the beach. Here you can also buy ready-made sandwiches and other delicacies.


Hamnmagasinet with it’s fastidious and well-selected assortment of interiors and fashion is in an old salt shed from the early 1700s with the atmosphere and salt crystals still in the walls.

The common thread in the range is quality and exclusive island feel and here you will find clothes and furnishings from well-known brands such as Peak Performance, Sail Racing, Lexington, Boomerang, Custom Made, Line of Oslo, Utö Collection, Ilse Jacobsen, Matteus, U. It’s You , Klong and Rangton.