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2017 full of activities and events on Utö

Swimrun Utö Swimrun2015 foto Nadja Odenberg  aktivitet


13-17 Easter celebration with family traditions and disco for the young ones at Utö Värdshus
30 May Day Celebration with smorgasbord, fire and premier at nightclub Bakfickan. Guest harbor opens


1 Box car rally in “Prästbacken” at the harbour
20-21 Kickstart Utö
Training with nature in focus, suitable for both boys and girls and all ages.
27-28 Saturday 27th May
Utö Swimrun sprint. Short track for those who wants to try the sport or train in the area where it ones upon a time started.
Sunday 28th May Utö Swim-run.
Qualifying Competition för Ö-Ö, start and finnish at Utö Värdshus


23-25 Midsummer
Traditionally, celebration at the Society House, dance around the maypole. On Utö Värdshus a classic midsummer dinner is served.
Music and dancing at the nightclub Bakfickan on Friday.


1 Music by Anders Lago at restaurant Nya Dannekrogen
5-8 Music by Jonas Tygesén at restaurant Nya Dannekrogen
6 6 PM in Utö Church
Archipelago contemplations by four generation of the family Zetterström. Actor Bert Gradin and production by Hanna Z.
9 Music with Södertörns Brass at 11 PM at Hotellbryggan. Free entrence.
11 Cirkus musical “Havet med Fjård”
4-5 PM
Malmbryggan at Seglarbaren
Free entrence
12-15 Music by Jens Persson at restaurant Nya Dannekrogen
13 6 PM inUtö Church. Music by Emelie Blomlöf and friends
15 “Flakloppis” 11 AM- 2 PM at Hembygdsgården
19-22 Music by Andy och Walpen at restaurant Nya Dannekrogen
20 6 PM in Utö Church
Music by Katarina Cars with family and friends
26-29 Music by Calle Nilsson at restaurant Nya Dannekrogen
 27 6 AM in Utö Church.
The author Magnus Ullman give us the story about the dramatic summer 1719 and the russian invasion of the archipelago.



4 Ö-Ö The world’s toughest one day competition


21 FIRE over sea and land