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Utö has one of Stockholm’s archipelago richest and most varied offers of accommodation. The hostel is a valued option, but you can also rent a cabin, stay in hotels, hostels or camp. For those looking for a little more luxurious options there is a small hotel in central Gruvbyn.


The guest rooms at Utö Inn (Utö Värdshus) is located in smaller hotel buildings and hotel apartments, with different character between rooms in different buildings. Some of the hotel apartments are equipped with a small kitchenette and allows for easier self-catering. Contact Utö inn (Utö Värdshus) for booking and information. Utö Värdshus  

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Utö hostel, centrally located in Gruvbyn and distributed on two floors presents the finest view on Utö. In total there are 72 beds, a shared kitchen, shower and toilet in the corridor on both floors. The hostel is run by Utö Inn (Utö Värdshus).

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Rent a cabin

There is a wide range of cabins and cottages for rent for rent at Utö. There is no comprehensive area of cabins, but each cabin and cottage is unique with different location, number of beds and amenities. Utö Tourist office can tell you more about their cabins. Homes for rent are also available from utostuga.se, […]

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Utö Tourist office

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Utö Värdshus

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Yellow Villa – self catering for groups

The Yellow villa offers pleasant accommodation in an old house with atmosphere and access to a fully equipped kitchen. Perfect for those looking for a simple and fresh catering for a few pleasant days at Utö. The house has 16 beds and is rented primarily to groups. Read more on Utö Tourist Office.

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