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Cycling in the archipelago

Utö is an perfect island to discover from a bicycle. Rent a bike on the island or bring your own on the boat if there are space. To get a guaranteed seat on board with the bike in high season it’s good to be there in good time before the boat’s departure.

A popular route is from the village Gruvbyn on Utö to the bridge connected island Ålö, with a distance of approximately 13 kilometers. The winding gravel road takes you through enchanting forests, undulating meadows and glittering water. Ålö Storsand offers a magnificent sandy beach. During the summer season, the restaurant Båtshaket offers, midst of islets and rocks, smoked shrimps and salmon. If you rented the bike in the village Gruvbyn on Utö, you have the possibility to leave the bike at restaurant Båtshaket, take the boat to Nynäshamn and then the train to Stockholm. Bicycles for adults and children and bicycle carts available for rent at the Cykelboden and Utö Tourist Office in village Gruvbyn.  A limited number of bikes are also available at restaurant Båtshaket. No bicycles can be booked in advance.


Gruvbyn surroundings are nicely landscaped and offers easy hiking trails that lead to the beautiful cliffs, sandy beaches and attractions. Go for a walk and then have a meal at one of Utö restaurants. Or bring your picnic food and enjoy.

Nature and Culture Trail

Schoolchildren on Utö have made this 3.5-kilometer-long path with informative signs telling about the local natural and cultural history. A complete questionnaire is available in the Utö Tourist Office.


With a kayak you will come the archipelagic nature really close. If you are lucky you might see a seal or a sea eagle. Kayaks for both shorter and longer trips for rent by Aktiv Skärgård in the Gruvbyn village.


Utö has many lovely places with cliffs and sandy beaches that often surprises with visitors with its beauty. Shallow water contributes to the bath temperature during the summer quickly become comfortable.

Child Friendly

Utö is a lovely place for everyone. Here are several shallow bays with lovely beaches. Summertime warmed shallow water quickly and have a pleasant temperature. A very good beach for children is within walking distance from village Gruvbyn where regular boats berthing.

Stroller on board

It is possible to bring stroller on board the boats arriving Utö. In summer, however, it is getting a little crowded but it usually always works.

Warm baby food

Ask the crew of the regular boats so they heat baby food jar in the microwave oven on board. Restaurants on Utö also tend to be of assistance with this.

Changing, diapers and baby food

On most regular boats there are changing tables. Utö Värdshus and toilets at Utö marina also offers changing table. Utö has its own Ica (grocery) where you can buy baby food, gruel, comforters and baby bottles.

Carts, bicycles and bicycle trailers

In “Hamnboden”, located at the harbor, there are wagons for rent. Convenient for both picnic basket and tired legs. In “Cykelboden” you find children’s bikes, child seats and bicycle trailers for children.


Overlooking the harbor and the inlet and just beside the “Seglarbaren” is a playground. A popular place for children who yearn to play and for parents who want to enjoy a meal in peace.

Child-friendly beaches

“Barnens Bad” – shallow bay with beautiful sandy beach. Located about 15 minutes walk from Gruvbryggan where regular boats berthing. Dry toilet available.

“Public bath” – Approximately 2 km from village Gruvbyn and about 800 meters from the bridge “Spränga” is a swimming area with both diving towers and jetties. There is also a dry toilet. The bathing area offers both rocks and a small sandy beach suitable for small children.

“Rävstavik” – located on Utö east/outside offering beautiful rocky beaches. The water is deep and is recommended for swimmers. Located about 25 minutes walk from village Gruvbyn.

“Utö Stora Sand” – a sandy beach that can compete with the best beaches on the island Gotland. Nice for the little ones to splash around right at the water edge. From village Gruvbyn it is about 10 km to the beach. The area belongs to the military. Therefore ask the Utö Tourist Office or read the signboards at all entrances to the military area.

“Ålö Storsand” – even this beach can compete with the finest beaches. Ranked among the 10 best beaches in Sweden. The water is deeper than at the “Barnens Bad” but still very suitable for children. Here, however, more waves because the beach is located on the east/outside of Utö. Shortest route here is to take the boat from Nynashamn to Alo and from there continue your journey by bike 4 km or from take a bike tour from village Gruvbyn. The distance is about 13 km and runs through a wonderful landscape with grazing livestock, open fields and forest. Just next to the beach are toilets.


Activities in Utö Utö, an accessible island with lots of room for activities. On your own or with the help of one of Utö’s activity professionals. Click on the links below to locate the activities you want to take you on your visit to the island. Thank you for choosing to visit us at Utö […]

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